Auxycodone Ft G.I.N. – Where Am I? @auxycodone


“Where Am I?” is a collaborative single released by Auxycodone & G.I.N. that infuses hip-hop and R&B. The song is about being intoxicated, living a rockstar life, and waking up the next morning not knowing where you are, or what happened the night before.

Auxycodone (A.K.A Lil Auxy) is a versatile recording artist based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Auxy is best known for his diverse and unique sound. He takes real life problems, that many people face, and puts them on the front-lines of his music.

In the past, he has worked with many talented musicians including Masked Man, G.I.N, MISOGI, and 6obby. From melodic, heartbreaking and storytelling songs, to national club anthems: Auxy pushes the boundaries of hip hop by infusing multiple genres into his music.

Auxy credits his constantly evolving sound to influences such as Kanye West, XXXTENTACION, Yung Lean, Kid Cudi, and Lil Peep. Although he has not yet performed live, he has plans to perform in Arizona within the upcoming months.

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