Blossom Reynolds – into it @blossomreyn0lds


“into it” from Blossom Reynolds is a pop/hiphop influenced love song produced by symr x beats from Cleveland, Ohio. The beat is sampled from Slide by The Goo Goo Dolls and features Blossom pouring his heart out to his crush, letting her know that though he had no plans to pursue any new love interest, he finds that he can’t help it, proclaiming in the hook “I know I told myself I’d never fall in love with nothin, just the money, but then you do that thing you do, and i’m into it”.

Blossom Reynolds is a pop/alternative/hiphop artist from Cleveland, OH. Drawing influence from playing in bands in the past, he merges his familiar pop punk sound over melodic trap and pop beats, as well as various other styles, to create a sound that blends with modern “emo/melodic trap” while still maintaining upbeat/pop song writing and melodies as well.

Since starting his solo project in May 2018, he has released a 5 song EP, 11 singles, features on a handful of songs, headlined 2 shows in the Cleveland area and has also opened for larger up and coming acts such as Shinigami, 93feetofsmoke, and familypet. For the months to come, he has a 4 song collab EP with producer The Tear God he is looking to drop in early spring, as well as various other videos and shows currently in the works.

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