Al Tree – Young Rich & Famous


“Young Rich & Famous” is a catchy melodic song about being an entrepreneur and not having time to waste on the journey towards stardom. The song reflects his state of mind and how he is making moves. Lines like “Risk it all or stay living on a budget” express how serious and passionate he is about music and the belief he has in himself. The sky’s the limit for any artist and in this track Al Tree expresses that he is working hard towards becoming a globally recognized artist.

Al Tree, the self proclaimed young hippy, is an artist from New Bedford, Massachusetts. He started out rapping over 90’s boom bap style beats and eventually learned how to sample and create his own beats. After learning how to produce his own beats, he went on to creating multiple self-produced albums, each with its own unique sound and vibe. Since his latest release “Tree House: An Al Tree Experience”, he has been working with other producers and focused solely on releasing singles. He aims to capture as many people’s attention with his music and hope they dive into his catalogue and see exactly how versatile of an artist he is.

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