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Co$mo is a passionate, unique and versatile artist from England with a raw alternative rock styling. Fresh on the scene, he has only been making music since late 2018. He produces deep and meaningful content that goes over his troubles with relationships (Coping or Obvious?). However he can also switch the style up with more upbeat songs to vibe to (Shawty Talk to Me). Co$mo’s identity is currently unknown as he wishes for no other than to be judged by his music. He feels there is no need to know who he is or what he is. He uses his music to vent the negative energy out and he hopes listening to the music does the same for others as well.

Check out “Coping”, his latest single, exclusively on Soundcloud.

Coping is my most realest single yet. I put all my effort into it and gave it a unique sound in order to grab people’s attention but yet still sound catchy. This goes over how I treated relationship issues. Addressing my actions, thoughts and feelings towards the fallout. Break up’s are so common yet no one know’s how people cope with it. Coping show’s how badly I coped with it. I hope the people who do relate now know they’re not alone.

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