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“Break Bread” is Damian’s first true solo track and he wanted to do it huge so he hit up Nessly. He’s always respected his work so it was only right. The track is big, fun and perfect for the upcoming summer.

Braggadocios and witty on the track, Damian uses his unique flow and melodies to deliver lines like “good genes/jeans like I got it from my momma, these GAP but I don’t see a problem”. Showing that he is hustling and making sure that he financially capitalizes on that talent he has been grooming, but that he is a humble dude at the same time that is going to do what he wants and and wear what he wants. Living on his own wave. It is an amazing track and with the right push behind it the song can have great impact.

Damian Bess is a 19 yr old artist originally from Maryland that currently lives in Washington D.C. He started off his creative career as a skateboarder/professional model that always had a huge love for music. He began really making music in Maryland when he began joking around and recording with his group partner, SEAMU$. After high school he moved to New York to model for RED Management group amongst some of the top models in the world for some very high brands, but then he came to the realization that modeling at this point really wasn’t for him. He wanted to make amazing music while controlling his own future and image, so he moved back home to the DMV area and got locked in with his group, Frailboys.

The name Frailboys came from Damian being skinny and wanting to take a negative term used and turn it around to show all his supporters that they will win in life just being themselves and killing that everyday! Damian Bess is looking to make amazing music and grow. He plans on perfecting his producing and taking singing lessons to really push himself. Have had a lot of label offers and support at their concerts, but for now the only way is up and he plans on working hard to make everything come to fruition.

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