Dre Lyrici$$ – Thisway @drelyriciss


“Thisway” is the intro to Dre Lyrici$$’ EP titled “No Heroes…”. It sets the tone of how he wanted his mixtape to be viewed. “Thisway” is about growth and how circumstances have changed Dre’s attitude towards things. If you listen to the track, it has this somewhat “rushing” type of vibe. When he noticed that, Jay immediately structured the verse to correlate with it so the song sounds as scatterbrained as his mind normally is. “Thisway” may seem like Lyrici$$ just writing hard bars but in between the lines it’s really a story of why he is the way he is.

DeAndre Ward, better known as Dre Lyrici$$, is a musician hailing from PG County, Maryland. At a early age he began writing poetry and short stories, which over time turned into song lyrics. In 2014, Dre Lyrici$$ began working on his debut mixtape titled “D.R.E”. Through the somewhat success of that tape it prompted him to immediately begin working on his second full-length mixtape named “flyaway.”.

Unfortunately, during this time he began doing drugs heavy due to depression, fortunately it impacted his music for the better. Through those dark times he found a sound that he liked doing and that other people enjoyed listening to. When flyaway dropped it immediately became a frequently played mixtape his area. 2 EPs and single with 20k views later and now he’s feeling at the top of his game.

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