Reala Ft Motian – The Way @Nimatonthebeat


“The Way” is a heartfelt and inspirational hip-hop music video produced and filmed by Nima T featuring Reala and Motian. The dual collaboration takes us on a journey of their way of life and the way they get by.

Arash Motian was born in Tehran, Iran on June 9th 1988. Being only 12 years old when brought to live in the United States, he was now having to adapt to a whole new side of the world. After just few years into his move, he was starting to notice the hip-hop influence around school campus. It wasn’t something that he had ever been introduced to but it settled with him right away. With battle raps happening everyday, he liked the idea of being the cool kid and tell his story.

After hearing his first Persian Rap song, it sparked something in him to pursue music. Reaching back to his heritage, he noticed that hip-hop had similarities to Persian poetry which was writing meaningful words and put them in a pattern. He and his cousin Nima put together their own recording studio and entered their first stages of music making. After trying to pursue music in a group, both eventually started to take on a solo act. Motian is now residing in Dallas,TX as he continues working on creating awareness for his latest EP, “Resurrection.”

Reala aka Realaman is a hip-hop artist based in OKC, who’s been active in the music scene for over a decade. Originally part of a group known as DSM (Down South Mexicans), they quickly made noise with their video “I’m Too Throwed Remix”, which became a Oklahoma hit song and then a classic after the original artist 2 Throwed passes away. Although DSM remains intact, Reala has since then focused on his solo career pushing his brand “High Vibes” and is currently making music with some of the hottest rappers in the Mid-West region.

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