Hunnitband Tee – Beat It @Hunnitband_tee


Hunnitband Tee releases his new hit single, the Micheal Jackson influenced, “Beat It”.

Terrell Hager, better known as Hunnitband Tee (born January 28, 1999) is a upcoming aspiring artist from a small town just ten minutes west of Charlotte called Gastonia, NC. At just 8 years old he fell in love with hip hop and R&B music, looking up to artist such as “Lil Wayne” “Gucci Mane” and “ASAP Rocky”. Music played a major role in his upbringing, helping him get through situations and tough times. This is what inspired him to pursue his career as a artist. Hunnitband Tee has high hopes of one day becoming a household name and inspiring others through his music.

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