KAM – Energy @Yvnkam


“Energy” is a psychedelic trip to the mindset of a young Yannick making his way through through the minefields of life. An aggressive cut with an atmospheric vibe, the chorus highlights the pitfalls the youth usually fall in. Seeking validation in the wrong things such as drugs, the fake love shown at parties and being fake tough. Yannick strives to raise above the follower mindset & keep his energy within by using it in ways to better himself, aiming big “BET’s just a dream of higher me” and finding comfort in his music along the way “all these melodies sh*t is like my remedy” – This is the first single off his upcoming album titled ‘UNAV’.

Maltese Rapper & Hip hop Artist Yannick, who also goes by the stage name KAM, first started releasing music back in 2017 with flurry of tracks which caught the ear of many due to his psychedelic flows, hard hitting verses & catchy hooks. Born in Qormi, in the island of Malta, Yannick’s influences range far & wide, from hip hop legends Drake & Kendrick Lamar to eccentric artists such as Wiz Khalifa & Tyler, the Creator, & also from alternative bands such as Gorillaz.

This mix of inspirations help explain his versatility as an artist, possessing the ability to float on any beat seemingly effortlessly. Still trying to find his way and break barriers not only for himself, but for a nation which is yet to boast a major artist with worldwide appeal – At 21 years of age, one successful EP under his belt and new full length album on the way – Yannick is ready for take off.

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