YNGLDY – Final Bout @YNGLDYmusic


Austin is weird, and Hip-hop in the city is largely a serious venture, where even funny MCs and groups have a certain level of gravitas that they carry themselves with, as to be taken seriously regardless of lyrical cleverness.

YNGLDY, made up of DK Thundah, Grampa Mane, and Good Friend Pat, could give less than a damn about coming off as serious – yet they lack none of the lyrical weight or sharpness of their contemporaries. Formed in 2018, YNGLDY deftly rides the modern musical landscape while relentlessly pushing boundaries.

“Final Bout” shows the members of YNGLDY climbing the virtual-retail sex ladder, with a very enthused viewer obsessing over every dirty detail. Better grab a tissue, this is gonna be a fun night.

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