kink – death run @polkadotkink


Death metal rapper kink debuts the intoxicating anthem, “death run”. Here’s what he had to say concerning the drop:

This song was about releasing anger and stress. Sometimes I feel like I’m running from the demons that will kill me. I worked with zacariiah to make the production as aggressive as possible but still keeping a tolerable, emotional vibe. I wanted people to feel my pain. We really liked how the 808 hit suddenly interrupting the beat as pain would interrupt life. The disturbing background was made from 3 separate layers on aggressive synths off of Ableton. This feel gave the vibe of how life is always moving and is never really comfortable. All in all, it came out pretty well and we’re pleased with how it sounds.

Ryan ‘Kink’ Brodnik is a producer/artist from the music collective, Explicit Records. Kink is an unpredictable, to the point, dynamic character to have. His aggressive but witty bars always draw interest and he always keeps things interesting by changing up the flow constantly. On the production side, Kink works with the two Explicit producers, zacariiah and poncho, on most of his tracks. When everything is flowing together, Kink can put together a catastrophic masterpiece that has you curiously wanting more.

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