Roku – Rock and a Hard Place


“Rock and a Hard Place” is the intro to the hard-hitting, melodic EP, “HOWDIDTHATWORKOUTFORYOU”, from Roku. This track is inspired by a feeling of being trapped, but remaining calm despite the situation. It has a unique bounce to it, as well as relatable lyrics and creative flows. This song is perfect for a show or to play in the car.

Creatively blending his ear for melodies with the sound that’s taking the DMV area by storm, Roku is a recording artist that hails from Rockville, MD and has his sights set on separating himself with his lyrical dexterity and creative flows. The combination of Kid Cudi, Nirvana, 50 Cent, and others as influences has helped to sculpt his artistry as he defiantly preaches longevity while radiating a message of connection and blurring the lines.

He has worked with a compilation of artists around the Rockville/Silver Spring area on tracks like “Anyway” with the likes of Kasey Jones and Walakalala, as well as “Topanga” with Strakt (Labi). He also enjoys showcasing his solo work and creativity with projects such as HOWDIDTHATWORKOUTFORYOU, his second of the year.

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