$kinny Bragg – Proper @skinnybragg


$kinny Bragg’s “Proper” song started as a freestyle that he recorded on his phone. However, his social media followers kept saying o make it a full song and that’s what he did. It is a darker toned tune that is sure to shake things up a bit.

$kinny Bragg is a 22 year old Rapper from Pearl, MS. Unlike most of his contemporaries, he gets his influence from Metal Music. Don’t get this confused as you will find a distinct lack of screaming in this Metal Rapper’s music and more emphasis on lyricism and clarity. He created his own style of music and genre he calls Sludge Rap which stems from Sludge Metal. He still finds a way to embrace his southern influences with his self made production that features slower beats and heavier bass lines and tongue-in-cheek lyricism.

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