Lil HE77 – Deep Sh!t @He77Lil


Atlanta rapper Lil HE77 raps about how he doesn’t want any “Deep Sh!t” when dealing with relationships. The ambitious Lil HE77 doesn’t want to have any feelings after getting constantly betrayed by his ex. He was being lied so he left his toxic relationship. He continues to rap about how he doesn’t want to have a relationship while he is still on the come up.

The aspiring artist Lil HE77 began writing music to escape the expectations of an Indian living in America. Instead of falling into the stereotypical norms of Indians he wanted to do something different. He wanted to pursue his passion of music living in one of the most famous music locations in the world, Atlanta. The upcoming rapper got his first real glimpse at potential after Adam 22 listened to his song, “Spirit of Ecstasy” live on his stream.

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