LoafGod – Surviving @LoafGod21


LoafGod’s latest single “Surviving”, produced by PZZ, consists of spacious vocals that reside on heavy 808’s. The lyrics address the confusion of love as he declares in the hook “If you said you loved me, you’d be lying.” With a distortion and reverb throughout his voice LoafGod pieces the track together perfectly with passionate ad-libs.

Maryland native, LoafGod, is a singer/songwriter that puts a unique spin on modern hip hop. At only 19 years old he has committed to recording his music full time with his producer PZZ. With two full projects and a handful of singles on Soundcloud his audience continues to expand with each release. Each track is filled with melodic flows, deep/memorable hooks, and bouncy beats. With other supporting artists and his best friend as lead audio engineer, LoafGod is set for success.

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