Lilpluto – Floating @LiLPluto777


“Floating” is a heart felt song diving deep into the emotions of Lilpluto while keeping it fun and hard. Floating marks a turning point in his music giving his listeners a glimpse of what vibes he is capable of giving off. Often referring to space and celestial bodies these lyrics come from Lilpluto’s lucid dreams that he has learned to incorporate into his music.

Lilpluto is an artist out the city of Cleveland, Ohio. He turned to music when he lost his brother and felt a strong connection with him through music. Lilpluto’s tracks all come with a unique vibe. Taking influences from the likes of Travis scott, xxxTentacion, Frank Ocean and get this… space, Pluto is able to craft a limitless sound that is destined to blow your speakers. He is currently sixteen years old and has the potential to lead the next generation of Soundcloud rap music.

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