Lonely Kidd Wo͝olf – U Shouldn’t Have Done That @Lonelykiddwoolf


“U Shouldn’t Have Done That” is an edgy relationship song from Lonely Kidd Wo͝olf that speaks about not getting reciprocated with love in the same amounts that you yourself have given.

Lonely Kidd Wo͝olf is a sad, quiet, heartbroken kid. That quiet part is pretty funny considering the fact that he screams on Majority of his songs. Why screamo? DMX was his favorite rapper at one point and then heard Xxxtentacion but Scarlxrd took the cake and made him get into it… But been rapping away before that early 2013 Where he started piecing words together Woolf wouldn’t call it rap but it was something . Woolf Started going to the studio It felt like it was whack could never be himself really. so him And a group of friends went and bought a studio together and now they make music in the garage honestly. where he can scream and yell as loud as he wants But don’t compare him to xxxtentacion nor Scarlxrd He likes to think of his self as somewhere in the middle. So if you’re down to rage fuck it let’s throw on a Kidd Wo͝olf song and fucking MoshPit.

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