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Pretty Girls Fart

Marcus The Artus, born Marcus Smith, is a marketing team’s dream. From attention grabbing audio to eye catching visuals it’s no wonder this California native is next up in his hometown. Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Marcus showed early signs of advanced intellect via testing by the age of 7. When his classmates were given 1 to 2 pages to write a story, Marcus was given 10. He consistently captured his class with his stories so much he was given an untraditional award at a school assembly. It was at this time he unconsciously developed a love for entertainment. Even as a full time student athlete, Marcus always found himself creating once he was older. Writing raps, coordinating/performing Outkast reenactments, even shooting and editing his class’ Senior video completely by himself, were just a few examples of his artistry.

Once he graduated high school, Marcus followed in the footsteps of E-40 & Eryka Badu by attending Grambling State University. Much like E-40, it was Grambling where he realized what was within him. After a few open mic ovations, talent show wins, newspaper reviews, and being the first student with school radio play, in true E-40 & Eryka Badu fashion Marcus attempted to drop out. Unknown to his family, Marcus stopped going to school in the middle of his junior year and decided to focus on his music and appearance. It wasn’t until he thought about his family’s sacrifices that he decided to go back and attempt to finish. Had it not been for his natural ability to absorb information he said he would have surely flunked out.

Now a Grambling State Alumni, Marcus The Artus is a force to be reckoned with. Soon after he reached viral success by receiving 500k+ views in 3 days via his now cult classic song “Winco”. Shortly after that Marcus was discovered by his now in-house producer Keegah and the two have been churning out project after project with “Pretty Girls Fart” being their first official release. Bottom line, don’t sleep on the Fubu Guru.

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