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Sippin Syrup

$nowband$ was born and raised in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. His mother worked as a nurse and his father was in the army throughout his whole life. He was always the youngest one out of his friend group and always had to be the leader. He grew up in the west end of Louisville, which was hard for him growing up with all the drugs and violence going on around him. He seemed to always be interested in the music as he would make little rhymes every now and then as he went through life. He moved up to Boston, MA when he was only 12 and there he went to school in Kingston, MA. He also moved around a lot to places like East Providence, RI and there he went to high school as well. He currently lives in Plymouth, MA while helping his Mother a long the way.

$nowband$ was a very troubled child growing up as he always wanted to participate in activities with his friends and learn more about life itself whether it was from someone else or on his own. He started to actually rap and put out music back in 2015 but in his eyes it wasn’t going to cut it. This year in 2018 he has started to acknowledge the real potential he has with his sound and took rap serious as he then figured out this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

With hard work and dedication he has now released his first new single “Sippin Syrup” on SoundCloud and backed it up with a video that is now on YouTube on his page @iamsnowbands. I would say this young man has worked hard to get where he is at this point in time and I can only wish him the best as he continues to make and develop more master pieces with his group called Chef Boys.

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