$NIGG – Agony @sniggyadigg$NIGG – Agony @sniggyadigg


“Agony” is a song that describes $nigg’s stress and struggles he goes through with females. $nigg is a good guy who’s kindness is often taken for weakness. Everything $nigg talks about in the song are facts. The song was produced by one of his favorite producers “Born Hero”. Like the majority of $nigg’s songs it was self mixed and mastered.

$nigg is an 18 year man from south Alabama. He has a style influenced by Lil Peep, Lil Tracy, and the whole Gothboiclique scene. $nigg started making music at the young age of 11. He started making music because of his love life struggles and he felt like no one understood him. He is mostly a happy person on the outside and most of his peers thought he had no feelings or ignored him when he told them how he felt. $nigg was very frustrated by this which led him to making very passionate music.

When he first started advertising his music, people thought it was very weird. Especially because of his location, their is no one else making music in his genre. Instead of quitting this made $nigg more determined to be successful. $nigg’s top priority is to help people who struggle with the same problems through his music and to let them know that they are not alone. $nigg bought a MacBook, an interface, a mic, and Logic Pro X and learned how to mix and master his own music through YouTube.

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