Young Adub Ft Lil Somethin’ – Versace On My Mama


“Versace On My Mama” is Young Adub’s first music video and only his second track to be released. It’s featuring one of his good friends named Lil Somethin’, both a part of a group of friends who all make music and have big goals in the music industry. Not only does their group want to make platinum records, they want to expand into multiple business avenues.

Take a look at the TaeGeniusVision shot flick for the Lil Somethin’ featured, opbeatz produced record on YouTube.

Young Adub is a 16 year old artist, who currently resides in Georgia. He has had a passion for music and expressing himself in front of large audiences since he was a kid. He also loves to smoke weed, snowboard, hangout with the homies, & party like crazy. At the moment he only has released two tracks, but this is only the beginning for Adub. He doesn’t plan to ever quit making music and people should be prepared for what’s to come in the near future.

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