Prometheus The Titan – 4 Seasons @Prometheus_TTAN


“4 Seasons” is a single produced by Malaysian producer Khayyat, as off Prometheus The Titan’s debut EP, “OLYMPUS”. The vocals are all self-mixed. This song was one of his fastest written to date and one of his personal favorites. The inspiration comes from women in Titan’s life who treat his bedroom and presence as a lavish escape from the craziness in their lives, despite knowing Prometheus has got madness in his own world too. All these problems they have could disappear with a check.

Prometheus The Titan is a 23 year old Zimbabwean Trap/Trapsoul artist based on Vancouver Island, Canada.

At 4 years old, his family was assigned to diplomatic posting in Belgium, where he spent his childhood years and learnt English while living in Brussels. Eventually his family returned to Zimbabwe for some years after that posting. Prometheus’ early interaction with Hip Hop came at middle/high school lunch in and after school as the older kids would freestyle battle and he’d join in, often winning and earning a bit of a rep for it at a time where Hip Hop culture was starting to become more familiar among youth in Zimbabwe

His family then moved to Brazil for some years, forcing him to sideline Hip Hop as it wasn’t a well recognized music culture yet, before he graduated from the Brazilian-American high school he was attending and moved to Vancouver Island, Canada to attend University. During his time in University, Prometheus met other like minded individuals who freestyled for fun and recorded occasionally, joining their group “Unusual Suspects”. Eventually the group headed their own ways as the process of choosing life paths began, leading the Titan to teach himself basic audio engineering and mixing through YouTube to create a unique sound.

Music further became an outlet once he learnt to write and record full songs. In March of 2018, Prometheus organized and headlined his own first show last March, and then performed 5 more times in that year in Victoria and Vancouver. In October his single Dasani was placed in Spotify’s “Northern Bars” playlist, setting a new expectation for his quality. His 7 track debut EP OLYMPUS is the first test of this elevated standard with plenty more hours of work on the way.

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