Ramzy – Off the Roof


Ramzy dropped a new single titled “Off the Roof” and gave an inside look on the meaning behind it.

“Off the Roof” talks about a night at a party with my jeep. I had the top and the doors off and we were just riding around blasting music and having fun. My friends were there and there were some good looking girls with us too. We kept on running into these two guys who kept giving us negative vibes and just hate on us straight up. The night was so fun that I ended up writing to it in the studio as a freestyle, and polishing it later on as a record.

As a young boy, Ramzy always wanted to be in the spotlight, either acting or singing, he knew he wasn’t meant for a 9 to 5. From North Africa, to Queens, NY. Ramzy was introduced to Hip-Hop, he started writing pages and pages of lyrics. At the time Andre 3000 was his idol. After a few years Ramzy ended up moving to Stamford, CT. At the time of the movement there were many bumps in his life, so music was not his priority.

After 2-3 years he met Mike, his producer. Working with Mike after a while, Ramzy reignited his passion for music and even recorded his first song. After work day after day, perfecting his craft, he finally released his first music video and has been moving up ever since.

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