Advantage Eiffle & Ale The Man – Insane @AdvantageEiffle @alethemannn


Ale The Man, 22, is from New Haven, Connecticut. He put himself on the CT music scene with his hit single “Dummy” which influenced a new culture of music in Connecticut, opening doors for artists who make music for a dance that originated in Hartford, CT. The dance is called the Dum Out/Freak It. Ale the Man is also working on a follow up to his first project “Philosophy” (on Apple Music: ) Ale also shoots videos and makes beats. He engineered, directed and edited the “Insane” video.

Advantage Eiffle, 27, is from Hartford, Connecticut. He is currently 2 projects in after dropping ‘East to West’ in September ( ) and ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ a year ago.

Their song ‘Insane’ was made with the Dum Out/Freakit dance in mind. The dance has yet to go viral and has a quite ugly history. in the early 2000’s, it was forbidden to do the dance if you weren’t from Albany Ave. If you did it you risked being g checked by people from the Ave. Zoe ‘Gangstalicious’ Dowdell (a CT artist who was killed by police) is known to have made the dance cool to do any where in Hartford. Ale’s ‘Dummy’ made the dance cool to do outside of Hartford.

The duo represent a unity between conflicting cities within the state. Hartford and New Haven have been beefing for years over drugs, gangs, sports rivalries and compete often for most dangerous place in Connecticut. We hope to push Connecticut to stop competing over town lines and work together to shine light on Connecticut as a whole. And maybe that could inspire other small states like us.

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