RudySamA – Mush


“Mush” is song depicting how RudySamA feels about drifting away from his lesbian friend after he developed feelings for her that she could not reciprocate. During this time spent away her brother passed away and she went to jail while RudySamA’s grandfather passed. Normally they would be there for each other but due to RudySamA choosing to distance himself to heal this was not case. RudySamA explains how mixed his feelings because of both his grandpa passing and her brother passing. He stands by his decision but feels terrible he wasn’t there for her when she needed him most.

RudySamA is an ordinary Mexican American male with one very interesting double life. He’s an iPhone musician. meaning he makes music with his iPhone. In between his two jobs and on his off time he humbly creates his art using a tool that many people use to send or receive texts, emails, phone calls and nudes. From cloud Rap to indie rock his monotone voice is a must hear for audio nerds of every flock.

With is style being lyrical yet simple enough to follow, all his work seems to be interconnected. Love is the overall theme of his music. At times it comes off aggressive and dark (like e boy/girl rap) and other times it comes off as deep and philosophical. Since the music RudySamA makes is under an umbrella known as love all of his songs touch upon this emotion and its various incarnations. Years prior to debuting in 2018 as RudySamA he was known by other aliases. As well as honing the crafts of producing and song writing him and his friends started a music collective/indie label called xydewayz8 studios. In an age of “mumble rappers” and auto tune gangsters what makes RudySamA stand out is simply by not letting one style define him. From boom bap to trap to indie rock and cloud rap he makes whatever music best fits his current mood. His mystic some what spiritual sound is unique with an underground feel too it. His blend of moody instrumentals and cryptic lyrics keep him up to date but his image of indie rocker/rap god is a breath of fresh air in a world full of nu metal rap and gangster trap.

Coming from a middle glass suburb that is sometimes struck by crime his mind frame is that of an only child who chooses to see things in a positive light rather than a negative one. Growing up he was an outcast who was bullied due to his allergies but he never let that define him. In high school he found friends amongst stoners and gang members as they too where outcast in a way. He never joined a gang but he did partake in occasional drug abuse and heavy marijuana use for over a decade. This made him well known in his home town of Perris after years of obscurity. Now at the age of 29 and soon to be 30 he’s sober from drugs, alcohol and marijuana. Music being his biggest vice now leads him to making beats during lunch breaks and writing songs before as well as after work. Recording his vocals in a homemade vocal booth that connects an xlr mic and pre amp/interface to his iPhone means his days off have become his personal canvas to paint masterpieces made of sound and love.

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