TruCase – Tapped In @tru_case


Being only just an 18 year old artist from Oakville, Ontario. TruCase’s future aspirations is to be one the best artiste remembered not only for his musical talents, but also known for technique and the underlying messages his lyrics can bring in order to relate with other people and their experiences. Starting off only to release music at the age of 17 during the end of his senior year in 2019, TruCase has the drive and will to mark a name for himself in this years 2020 upcoming artists and doing so independently. While he is looking to make waves with his music locally and globally.

The single “Tapped In” is my first stand out single of all my ten releases that has a distinct sound to what I am trying to push in order for the song to be on trend for the current sound that is now dominating the hip hop atmosphere and culture. This song has a mix of RnB, Hip Hop and Rap stylistics that show emotion within the whole track which can be relate to others and their experiences.

Ultimately, this song is a about finding the one person you love without that certain someone loving you for the riches and the fame, but instead with you for the right reason. During the entire track, I furthermore explain why I am emotional and end up catching feelings for a girl that is soon to break my heart because of certain circumstances that cannot be changed.

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