Verse – Pressed! @Verse199x


Verse pours his heart out to his significant other about how she can do nothing at all and still have her opposition “Pressed!”.

Verse is a 19 year old artist from Fayetville, North Carolina. He’s been making music since elemantry school and working on perfecting his craft since then. His time in North Carolina was rough as an artist when getting other to listen to his music but he made it happen by passing out mixtapes and getting his name around school. When he moved to Austin, Texas in 2014 he made sure he made his mark and let it be known that he’s a rapper and wants to take this somewhere bigger.

He started by freestyling in class and classmates would record him and share him around. Jokingly classmates would ask, “When’s the tape dropping?”, but Verse took this as the chance to start working on a new project and get his name around school. It was a success and the rest of his high school years he participated in talent shows and continued making projects and promoting his craft. His recent music compared to when he first started shows exactly how dedicated this young teen is about his music career.

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