nöel – call me @forgetnoel


‘call me’ from singer nöel is about being someone’s escape. You’re not their norm. To be honest, this probably shouldn’t even be happening between each other. Yet they are and now are invading your thoughts as well.

Growing up in Washington Heights, New York, nöel gravitated to music luminaries like Pharrell and Marc Anthony. A combination of his Honduran upbringing and hip-hop aesthetics, nöel’s sound – one he describes as “ominous but fun” – resonates in such a way that it stands as a response to the dearth of Latinos in R&B. The singer-songwriter and producer (who eerily sounds a lot like The Weeknd) looks to change the contemporary R&B narrative by introducing his Latino flair. nöel and his team, chosen children, are excited to share the perspective of 2nd generation Hispanic-Americans who soley want to preach honesty, love and smoking lots of weed.

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