WVS AKA Lil Lurk – Somewhere Ahead Of You @WesVan3Hunna


Who is WVS aka Lil Lurk? To understand that, you’ll first have to get to know Wes. Wes is a small town kid, born (on February 13th, 1998) and raised in Green Bay, WI. He had anything but a normal childhood but also one that many could relate to. An alcoholic father, empathetic mother, rebellious older brother and a scandalous sister all became the people that heavily influenced this “universally in-tuned” young man. He didn’t grow up poor but by no means was he ever handed anything.

You have to work for the things you want in life, although maybe that’s just the heart & soul of the Midwest. Unfortunately there’s not much to do in Green Bay except for getting drunk and wasting life away and he thought that should change. At the age of 12 little Wes began to write poetry to help cope with the confusing trauma of his adolescent years. Anger and sadness filled this boys days and nights and would tend to consumed his thought process. That is where the alter ego “Lil Lurk” was formed.

An evil counterpart to the once innocent Wes. As he grew up, his words held more depth, the melodies became clearer and the vision of becoming a superstar came into fruition. This was more than a silly dream…this became his life. But with vibrant light, darkness will always linger close by. Drugs quickly found their way into the equation and as the craft turned into a daily routine, so did the drugs. But that’s not who Wes is, that’s not what Wes stands for…the true colors that reside in his spirit are; love, compassion, wisdom and faith.

Struggling with suicide, an “aggressive household” and constant drug use…he knew deep down something had to give. The music started to lack, the light began to dim and his world evaporated before him. So In the late summer of 2018 at 20 years old, Wes decided to change his lifestyle and get help. Help in the form of rehab because he could not do it on his own. Nothing was the same after that, the positive energy that had been gone for so long returned to his soul. With a new mindset and a new way of life, nothing stands in his way.

WVS is here to change the culture, WVS is here to be your friend, WVS knows what it’s like to never want to wake up again…and that’s okay. WVS is Weston Van Steingraber aka Lil Lurk. Listen to his new single, “Somewhere Ahead Of You”, on Spotify.

Somewhere Ahead of You is a track I hold very dear to me. It was during a time when my sister was dealing with the mental and physical abuse from her child’s father and I was dealing with the peak of my drug addiction. I left a piece of my soul in this song…I have deep loyal roots but my morals were skewed and my heart wasn’t in the right place. I hold this song so close because it’s a reminder of where I’ve been and motivation to continue to stay clean and live my life on the other side. It’s helped myself and others around me through tough times, I know it can help you too.

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