750 – Rhythm & Booze @750BlackGod


Rhythm & Booze is the third project from the collective known as 750. A slight deviation from their previous material, the project focuses on the group’s desire to diversify their ability by creating an entire project in the R&B realm. The idea was spawned after the recording of the project’s first track, Fruitopia. 750Smitty suggested the day after that the group should try making a full R&B album, since it was apparent that that was an untapped well for the group thus far. Needing only two recording sessions after that initial idea, the group put together seven songs for the project. The album features fellow Toronto musicians B.ONLOCATION, 6am, and Provo. The production on the album was handled by ShamGodBeatz, Juuko, as well as 750Ram.

750 is a Hip Hop collective from Scarborough, ON. Consisting of core members 750Smitty, 750Blackgod, 750Beezy, and 750Ram, the group aims to make music that covers all areas of Hip Hop from gritty club anthems to intimate bedroom R&B sounds.

750 would sporadically meet up over the years through small house parties. The group’s individual musical endeavours would inevitably lead them to impromptu recording or freestyle sessions for fun. Then, in November of 2017, 750 decided to make a more concentrated effort, having a number of beats at their disposal from close producers ShamGodBeatz, Juuko, and Loon Beats among others, as well as a collective ambition to make a push for more music after seeing glimpses of the group’s potential in years past. A year later, and they have already released three projects (with another two ready for release), three music videos (also with another two ready for release), while having had release parties and concerts all peppered in between.

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