Yung Papi Bonito Ft $tik – Hop Out the Coop @yungpapabonito


“Hop Out the Coop” was inspired by those old Lil Wayne “Dedication” tapes where he’d have some lesser know dude kill his verse off top and then wayne would come in and give them the body bag. As a child, Bonito was heavily influenced by “Gangsta Grillz” mixtapes, shout out DJ Drama.

Yung Papi Bonito aka Kareem Francisco Pires is a 21 year old rap artist out of Calgary-Alberta, Canada. He has no parents and grew up majority with his grandparents based on his mother and fathers actions. Music has and always will be his greatest love from the very golden age of Hip Hop to the crazed mixtape era and even now where everyone and their momma raps, he never stopped enjoying the one thing that has brought him solace rap.

He has endured a multitude of trauma in his life but chooses to have a net positive outlook on life and approaches music in this way, as it is his passion and not work; this would also describe his name Yung Papi Bonito. Although he likes to approach life with a smile on his face he released his first mixtape growing pains late last year which contained a lot of emotion Grey Matters his latest work is his attempt at diversity and going outside his comfort zone. To truly test his ability to make records.

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