Kxmikaze & KiddSolo – Baila @kxmikaze1 @Kiddsolo4


Here we have Kxmikaze & KiddSolo’s official debut video, “Baila”, engineered by 20K The Producer and shot by OgunPleas Films. The two artists have come together yet again, for a catchy melodic tune with some great production and fantastic visuals.

Introduce yourself to Kxmikaze & KiddSolo (The Solo Kidd): two teenage artists from a north-west suburb outside of Chicago. Kxmikaze, also known as Kami, is a 16 year old artist who has grown a passion for music within the last decade after being exposed to the work of Lil Wayne, Eminem along with artists from dissimilar genre’s such as The Pixies and Limp Bizkit. He takes the biggest inspiration in life from his parents. “We used to struggle to buy happy meals and now they’ve worked hard enough to give us the life we deserve.” He started writing his own music and sparsely dropping songs with partner KiddSolo in early November 2018 with the help of 20K The Producer engineering every one of their tracks.

Their music, on platforms such as Soundcloud, AudioMack, and YouTube, alone has already racked up thousands of plays within the last 6 months. This is aside of their milestone of performing in front of hundreds of people at shows. Impeccable production, a blend of genres, and stylistic choices combine with the voice of KiddSolo to make catchy melodies. “My favorite part about the music lifestyle? It’s gotta be knowing I can make somebody’s day better with the simple sound of my voice” says Kami. “That’s really what it’s all about to me, exposing my craft to the world and those around me while being able to make a positive outcome out of it.”

We now have KiddSolo (The Solo Kidd), an 18 year old artist born in Chicago. He has had an immense impact on many with his creative hooks and enticing lyrics. He grew up listening to a wide range of music from Foster The People to J. Cole. “Music has always been a part of who I am at the core. I know the impact an artist can have on the life of his/her fans and I’m on a mission to change the lives of all my fans and family with my music, It’s what I love doing the most” says the 18 year old artist. He’s been writing music throughout all of his high school years but just recently started releasing it. His motivation comes a from a deep desire to make his family and supporters proud.

In conclusion, the two artists have established themselves as a fun, energetic, and humble force. Without a management team they still try their best to pull strings together. They’ve come out with their first official music video shot by OgunPleas Films for their song “Baila” where the dynamic duo display their talent and radiate positive energy.

They’re currently working on their debut mixtape which they say will open people’s eyes as it will “allow the work to speak for itself.”

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