Andre Molina – Right Now @Andremlina


“Right Now” is about boldness, and following your intuition. Andre Molina’s smooth vocals is accompanied by Logan’s hard hitting trap drums and soothing guitar solos that gives listeners an instantaneous vibe. The chorus, which includes sweet falsettos, makes Andre’s debut a definite ear worm.

“Right now” is very blue and purple. It has a very chill vibe with a little bit of a kick. At only 2:39 running time, it’s very short and will make you want to play it on repeat. It’s perfect for car rides, jamming out and singing along to.

NYC/NJ based songwriter Andre Molina, has been writing songs for the past 3 years. He’s been applying better songwriting techniques that he learned from APG Atlantic’s best A&Rs and his improvement in a short amount of time is extensive. Andre’s passion for songwriting seems to have no boundaries. He specializes in writing Pop, Hip-hop/R&B, Alternative, any many more with a goal of landing several song placements and signing a major publishing deal.

Raw vocals, smooth vibes and melodic hooks accompanied by his impressive lyricism, Andre Molina feels like he is more than ready to enter the spotlight and showcase what he’s been working on. With his debut “Right Now” releasing on October 19th, he is definitely an artist you want to keep on your radar.

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