H – 221 @hcwwaffles


The self-produced “221” is one of 5 top shelf songs from H’s “HY9 UP” EP.

“H” is an Artist/ DJ/ Producer from Miami whose Affiliated with the group “HY9EMPIRE” and “2500”. The 19 year old Artist has spent 3 years making music and now makes music whenever he’s not working at his tattoo shop. “H” has recently dropped a Self titled EP which consists of 5 songs he mixed, and produced. He tends to stay away from any spotlight and is pretty anti social.

He started off making beats in high school during class and often got kicked out for it. He spent most of his time during school either free styling with his friends, “Yaucy” and “9rophet” in between classes or producing, and eventually created the group known as “HY9” or “HY9EMPIRE” as their stage name for Parties and Music.

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