Gabriel Pinacho – Enough @Gabrielpsmv


Dive in as Gabriel Pinacho goes into the details behind his airy new single, “Enough”:

My new track “Enough” is a critique on life as well as the music genre it finds itself inside. Typically modern hip hop indulges in larger sides of secular values- this song however finds itself being an open book to positivity, hoping to make the listener feel as if they are really “enough” when they are experiencing depression or if they aren’t doing well in whatever they may be doing. I wrote this song At a very mundane point in my life where I felt like was absolutely nothing and the constant 9-5 of work was making it ultimately much more depressing. A jumpy catchy positive vibe.

Gabriel Pinacho is a recent graduate of high school, and now attending college. He’s a young artist who has attracted a decent sized following on the App “WAV” – an app that aims to highlight independent musicians and provide them with tools to help them grow.

Gabriel Pinacho started playing guitar at the young age of seven and continues to play to this day. His music has stylistic traits of melodic rap and hip hop; however his older acoustic tracks were recorded in his bedroom and maintained the classic singer/songwriter bounciness he is known for. Gabriel Pinacho’s dreams include collaborating with artists such as Ed Sheeran, and Lil skies, though they are far from each other on the spectrum he believes his music style is an excellent blend to make his dream happen.

His newest single “Enough” maintains the bouncy rap he has been learning is part of his style as musician and his pungent catchy hooks he is known for. Gabe was born in Brooklyn, New York, spent his older years in Hagerstown, Maryland and now resides in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. He is 18 and wishes to attract a larger following.

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