Jay Diener – Full Circle


Jay Diener delivers his new single, “Full Circle”, and goes into great detail behind it below.

When I write my tracks I like to create in a way that the music can be interpreted differently depending on the listener and what they need to hear or take from it at the time. With that being said I don’t want to give too much away about what the meaning of the song is to me personally. However, what I will say about “Full Circle” is that it was written right after my mom passed away from Leukemia last year. During this time I learned that life is short and you only have so many people who are really there for you. If you listen closely enough, you can feel the energy of that.

Jay Diener is an upcoming hip hop artist and songwriter out of the NJ/NYC area. He grew up listening to a wide range of music from all different eras. (you’d be impressed at the musical encyclopedia inside of his head, but interested in the fact that he still needs navigation for directions and a calculator for basic math.) This background solidified his massive love for music. His writing style is heavily influenced by this as well, which covers many genres including: Rap/Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Alternative & EDM.

He has been known to put together “mastermind” studio sessions; Bringing in several creatives to network and complete top notch finished pieces of work. As an artist his fan base continues to grow through his catchy hooks, captivating verses and his undeniable drive and desire to be heard. He also is heavily involved in the business and management of his own music; Learning the ins and outs of everything it takes to become a superstar.

This unique combination of talent, creativity and business sense has had people comparing him to the likes of a Young Jimmy Iovine and Scott Storch combo, but truthfully there is no one quite like him.

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