GR3YWXLF – Orphan @greywulfchild


Throwing out the third release of the year, GR3YWXLF’s “Orphan” is a retrospective freestyle flip on the J Cole single, “Middle Child”.

Waxing woke lyricism with his wisened supervillain approach, the enigmatic lo-fi nomad isn’t quite what you would come to expect from the traditional UK soundscape. With an emphasis on style AND substance rather than one over the other. He creatively interweaves pop culture references and life survival narration, highlighted by a range of influences packaged within downtempo melodic vibes. Such influences stem from both old and new school hip-hop blended with hints of experimental and alternative r&b. GR3YWXLF both naturally and comfortably sits just outside of the standard assumptions held regarding the sounds from the scene he hails from.

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