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Independent artist/rapper JAYJ was born Jeremiah Covington in Muskegon, Michigan in 1996. Always being captivated by music, he began writing songs during his classes at the age of 13. After stepping into a booth for the first time, JAY recorded 3 projects which released in 2016. He began building a solid fanbase after his 2017 mixtape “Dawg Daze” which he released a song and video a week for 3 months straight. His name began buzzing in the Midwest region which led to him opening up for acts like Project Pat, Do Or Die, and Gorilla Zo. He blends his rap, punk, and pop influences into hard hitting lyrics with ear-catching melodies in his latest EP, “Burnout”, produced by Conekt The Beat.

“Neverland” is a song off his EP. This track captivates raw emotion and JAYJ’s frustration with the complacent culture in his home state of Michigan. This rap-punk rock-pop mesh of styles goes on to tell the story of a kid feeling like he was born in the wrong place, and the personal struggles of being from a place where creativity is frowned upon. The track has an “underdog” feel to it as JAYJ raps about how people didn’t mess with the movement until they saw him getting recognition. “Neverland” was written and performed by JAYJ, produced by Conekt The Beat, and engineered by Anthony Sapone.

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