Jony Shelby – Alone, but I Need It @mojoJony


Since his arrival back in late 2018, self-produced singer-songwriter Jony Shelby has been unstoppable. Having already received support from the likes of Elevator Magazine, Stereo Stickman and ZO Magazine, Shelby now returns with the masterful ‘Alone, But I Need It’, his follow-up single.

Jony Shelby is the versatile producer / artist originally hailing from Baton Rouge, now of Austin, TX. He was always fascinated by music since a young age, playing instruments in his late father’s church and being the drum major in his high school band, but it has only been recently within the past 3 years that he has captivated with digital creations. Explosively combining elements ranging from hip-hop to electronica, these creations are wildly distinct to say the least, adding a breathe of levity to each respective genre.

With it’s unpredictable patterns and wild turns, Jony’s sound connects with listeners on a gut level, finding a common ground in the types of experiences he’s had. The Shelby sound is quite the experience ,to say the least.

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