Nadia Vaeh – 1,000 Cuts @NadiaVaeh


Singer-songwriter Nadia Vaeh has announced the release of her new song “1,000 Cuts,” a mischievous and sultry perspective of lust and the obsession with the chase. Vaeh opts for a lively, roguish beat that is difficult to fight, quite like the overpowering senses of premature infatuation, love, and desire. Still, Vaeh finds a reason to celebrate this dilemma, choosing to enjoy the ride rather than let it consume her.

The song opens with a powerfully echoing beat that shoots right to the heart, crafted by Australian producer Dion Shaw. Pair it with the technological mixing and production of Tyler Spratt, “1,000 Cuts” is a playful, fun new take on a toxic and dangerous love. It has the pounding drive of a rock tune with the moving beat of a club sound, all with the pop-driven clear-as-day voice of Nadia Vaeh. “I only love you when the lights dim,” Vaeh sings in a sultry register, pairing a demonic, yet beautiful album cover with an impossible to resist melody.

This is only the latest addition to Vaeh’s discography, which includes songs like “Heavy” and “Mirrors.” Vaeh is inspired by her wide range of cultural experiences and musical appreciation, from her home of Atlanta to the Curacao and the Middle East, where her cultural roots lie. Vaeh continues to push the expectations for her music; though listeners have come to expect an enjoyable listening experience, clean and clear vocals, and the buoyant vivacity that is just customary in a Nadia Vaeh song. Her songs maintain a contagious personality, making each of these songs like multicolored, varied, shiny collectibles. Her next track should be just another color to add to her diverse palette.

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