Tsunamisurfgod – Deep @Tsunamisurfgod


The video for “Deep” details Tsunamisurfgod’s lifestyle about how deep he is in the street life. From hustling, to ducking the cops, to keeping a weapon for protection. He doesn’t skip a beat with his new single, he’s putting it all on the line.

Tsunamisurfgod is a Hiphop artist from California (Bay Area), currently residing in Las Vegas. Tsunamisurfgod has always had an interest for Hiphop, from freestyles with other artist or cyphers, it wasn’t until recently when he decided to pursue the music industry, and make relatable music people can relate too. Tsunamisurfgod uses music as his outlet, detailing his life threw melidelic melodies, and catchy hooks. His music can vary from the typical street life, or love songs.

Tsunamisurfgod has recently started making music videos to give you a better visual of his lifestyle. He plans to take the music industry by storm, there’s no limit to his creativity, and plans to stay consistent in this game. His music can vary from the typical street life, or love songs. He has opened up for many other Hiphop Artist which include Ezale, Cassie Veggies, Philthy Rich, Yg, E-40, Iamsu, Nef The Pharoah, D-Mac, Sage The Gemini, and many more. Stay tuned for what he has in store, and be on the lookout for his up and coming music on all outlets.

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