Nate Taylor – Through The Looking Glass


“Through The Looking Glass”, is a 14 song Hip-Hop project written by Nate Taylor. The project contains influences from many aspects of hiphop culture, from the beat choices to rhyme schemes.

Nate Taylor puts his heart and soul into his music, literally. Throughout his teenage years, Nate expressed the struggles of everyday life through his music, culminating in his debut mixtape, “Through The Looking Glass”, where he exhibited his true versatility as an artist. His most popular song on the mixtape, “High, How Are Ya?”, caught the attention of over 70k SoundCloud listeners, including the well-known rapper Lil Xan, who recently reposted Nate’s hit song.

Needless to say, Nate’s style of music is a perfect blend of dope lyrics, tailored beats and impeccable attention to detail. Despite his ever-growing success, Nate sticks to his motto, “Quality over quantity,” to ensure that the quality of his music is never lacking. Nate’s quality of music is based in one thing; honesty. Instead of rapping about an imaginary lifestyle, Nate speaks on the conflicts in real life like love, death and betrayal, things that we all experience, but most artists fail to mention.

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