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Solesky links with up-and-coming singer/producer guccihighwaters out of Long Island, NY on their track “Frozen”, produced by Solesky. The two trade melodies and mournful lyrics about their lives, relationships, and current situation in life. Both allude to drowning their pain away with liquor and dealing with the depression that is brought along by so many issues, and explain why they need to “stay lowkey” in order to deal with them.

Solesky is a 21 year old singer/rapper and producer out of Baltimore, MD. He came onto the internet in early 2015 with a couple of self-released tracks “Laundry Room” and “Clouded” on Soundcloud that were strictly rap and lyricism, gaining him some very mild attention around his city. It wasn’t until a year later that Solesky decided to show off his natural singing ability in a calm, relaxed way in his 2016 release “Crazy”, which was the first track of his to gain any real traction, gaining the attention of numerous established underground artists. Shortly after, Solesky began to pick up much more traction with tracks like “Pounds” and “Lowkey”, and it was around this time he decided to take his more recently-acquired skill in producing beats more seriously.

By February of 2017, Solesky released his first self-produced track “Front”, shortly followed by a track featuring fellow artist Jett Bailey titled “About You”. Although Solesky had always been mixing/mastering his own tracks, it was these two that began his streak of almost all tracks being self-produced, mixed/mastered and engineered. It was these skills that propelled his most successful song “Company”, also featuring Jett Bailey, to be featured on numerous blogs such as No Jumper, and his following song “Feel You” to be featured on Promoting Sounds, and even make a brief cameo in the soundtrack of TV-series “Grownish”.

Solesky is also a social media comedy personality, and takes just as much time in making funny videos as he does his music. It is a little known fact that he is the creator of the recently viral video “Sausage and Mushroom Pizza”.

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