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New MixTape: Danny Nardini – The Major Motives Ep

Upstate New York HipHop artist Danny Nardini releases his new EP title “The Major Motives”. The three track EP was produced by SanchoBeatz, TrippyT, Street Empire, Danny Nardini, and King Jah. Danny’s inspiration comes from the burning desire to rectify his family’s break up and spiral downward into poverty. At the age of 14, he was working to support his mother, younger sister and younger brother. Discovering the power of music and rhyme was the pathway out of darkness for his soul and maybe for his family. Emotions born from the harsh realities he faced fill Danny’s lyrics and rhythms with a fierce presence that can’t be denied. However, Danny is not all about living in the past. His newest EP, “Major Motives” is about the future. His hopes and dreams for what comes next can be heard in the flow of his channeled, angry, but uplifting imagery. On his own he’s created something unique and powerful, and as he collaborates with other artists to share ideas and learn more about himself then the sound can only get more intense. The hours of creativity and collaboration with his production team, can be heard and felt as soon as the headphones are strapped on. Don’t miss out on hearing hip hop’s best new artist. Stream the EP on soundcloud today. 

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