Young HeartBreak and Yvng Rozu – Enemy Lines @Heart_Break313 @YvngRozu


Young HeartBreak and Yvng Rozu are coming full force from the 219 Gary, Indiana area. They became interested in writing and creating masterpieces from an early age which paved way to their growth now. They began recording recently finding their own unique melodic sounds and specialized flows. They aim to make a huge impact in the music industry with their hard-work, dedication, and creativity. Hoping to catch the ears of listeners and give fans a new vibe to connect to. Young HeartBreak and Yvng Rozu will continue to release catchy, melodic, and energetic singles in the future and they hope to grow as artists with the hope of putting the region on the map.

Now, Kid Ocean & Yvng Rozu team up on the production side of things for the riveting sounds that find Young HeartBreak and Yvng Rozu behind “Enemy Lines”.

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