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Devin Jay
Devin Jay

Here is a little introduction to who Devin Jay is to all the future Devinators! His music can range from a pop sound to R&B to even Country. His sound is just another overall example of how music now a days are collaborating and intertwined together to create different music genres. Devin Jay is versatile and so talented in his craft that he definitely deserves a second look at his current projects. I have had the chance to sit down with him recently to just talk about “Devin” the man behind the talents. This is the chance for everyone to take a look inside the creator and singer himself exclusively.


Who is Devin Jay?

Devin Jay is a 22 year old soul/pop singer and songwriter pushing and working hard to make it big in the music industry with lots of music influences behind his sound.

How would you describe your music?

My debut single ‘Alive’ is pop, my new music that I’ll be working on soon is going to have that retro vibe. I’d like to say it’ll be pop mixed with some R&B, soul and funk all tossed together of course with some positivity in it to make a person wanna get up and dance.

Who is your biggest inspiration behind your music?

As for my biggest inspiration? that’s hard, from Tony Bennett to Phillip Phillip to Adam Levine for male artists and for women artists it would range from Candice Glover to Rihanna and Haley Reinhart. I love how they all stick to their own style and like how they stay true to themselves which is something that every artist should do especially in the music business.

What keeps you going even when times get hard for you?

What keeps me going? I’d have to say my #Devinators and family and friends. I owe a lot to my parents, they are always pushing me to continue to my goal and pushing me to do better for myself. 

What musical inspiration do you look up to and how has their music shaped your sound today?

I really dig different styles of music, I mean I love jazz and R&B, without that we wouldn’t have music today, but when you go through my music I have jazz, rock to pop, rap and even country. Like I said before, my single Alive is pop. With my new music I have a goal to have a mesh of genres together, have a retro sound to my music- I mean it’s coming back, but it’s just good!

How can people get ahold of your music online?

You can get my music anywhere, it’s on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, iHeart Radio, Spotify etc. you can also follow me on Instagram and my Facebook page!

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Debut single ‘Alive’ iTunes link- Alive – Single by Devin Jay



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