Video: D.Smith – I’m That Bitch | @TrueDSmith

Video: D.Smith - I'm That Bitch
Video: D.Smith - I'm That Bitch

Video: D.Smith – I’m That Bitch

Talented, fearless, provocative and groundbreaking describe D.Smith in a
few words. This Miami-born, Brooklyn-bred Grammy Award winning producer
turned artist has worked with some of the best, including Andre 3000,
Ne-Yo, Lloyd, Ciara, Keri Hilson, Monica, Fantasia, Estelle, Janelle
Monaé and more in addition to collaborations with super producers Polow
da Don, Timbaland and Mark Ronson.

“I’m That Bitch” is the catchy, irreverent, and club driven first
single written and produced by Smith.  “My milkshake brings the boys, my
milkshake brings the girls, you can say what you wanna think what you
wanna, but bitch I rule the world” brags Smith on the drum filled track.
“I just wanted to do something fun and carefree yet bold and it’s
honestly the mood I was in when I recorded it”, said Smith when asked
why she chose “I’m That Bitch” as the first single first from her fort
coming project.

Smith’s defining moment came prior to transitioning to female after
being tapped by Lil Wayne to be a part of his most successful project to
date “The Carter III,” which sold one million copies in its debut week,
one of the only three rap albums in history to ever achieve this feat.
Wayne sat down with back in 2008 and had this to say about
working with Smith. “I know one thing. I recorded a song last night with
this guy D. Smith, called “Shoot Me Down,” that might just be the
biggest song of my career. It’s where I’m at right now — emotionally,
financially and mentally. It’s like looking in the mirror and seeing
exactly what’s in there.” Wayne was so enamored by the musicality he
asked Smith to perform the record with him on Jimmy Kimmel Live show.
The album went on to win big at the Grammys in 2009, taking home the
Best Rap Album category garnering D. Smith the coveted Grammy credit.

Back then Smith was known as a man, but deep down even as a young boy he
always identified with the female specimen so in efforts to live a more
authentic self she began the process of transitioning. “I sacrificed
everything for this and I want to help change the world like the greats
that have come before me with my music.”  D.Smith is the first
transgender artist to approach the music business in this way.

Heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, Prince, Tina Turner, Grace Jones,
Queen, Madonna, and David Bowie, Smith aims to set an iconic precedent
for where music is going next.  Now with a few years of working behind
the scenes as a producer with an esteemed amount of talent and
cultivating her own sound through her production company Champ Camp
Music, D.Smith is prepared to let the world in on what she’s been
cooking up.

While some less enlightened people may want to focus exclusively on
Smith’s gender identity as the main topic when discussing D.Smith, it
is those that have already experienced her musical talent and artistry
that understand that her gender identity is not what makes her unique as
an artist.  It is her multi-faceted talents as a singer, songwriter and
producer that resonate first and foremost.  “She” just happens to be

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