PE$O EVANS – Bring Da Pain @PesoThaLyricist


“Bring Da Pain” is a song speaking against what can be currently glamorized within today’s culture such as money, jewelry and outlandish behavior. PE$O EVANS announces his desire to make a change within his generation starting with himself. The opinions of his mother and the way that he grinds alongside his friends are more important than partaking in antics and activity that isn’t true to himself. “Bring Da Pain” is a declaration that hard work, honesty, and persistence go a long way to PE$O EVANS.

PE$O EVANS is a 18 year old hip hop artist from the West Side of Orlando, Florida. He simply describes his music as “Realistic conversations in the form of musical entertainment”. PE$O EVANS isn’t just the next phase of music but also an innovator in the art of entertainment. His content is inspired by witnessing the lives of lower class citizens and the struggles within the youth amongst his community and America. PE$O’s goal isn’t just to entertain but to also inspire others by presenting music from the soul.

He started off rapping at the age of 13 in a (now disbanded) rap group called “Blind Lyricist”. They gained practice and talent through cyphers, battles and weekly recording sessions at PE$O’s house. As time passed life situations struck each one of the members leaving PE$O EVANS as the last man standing to continue chasing the dream they all once desired. Currently he engineers his own music, edits and Co directs a portion of his music videos, along with performing in local gigs around his city.

This year he released his 5 track EP titled “The Extended Play” which is available on all streaming platforms along with various singles on SoundCloud and YouTube. PE$O EVANS is here to bring the bring back the emotion and creativity amongst his generation.

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