AGB MikeRich – Reasons @MikeRichMusic


AGB MikeRich faced several hardships at the beginning of the year which left nothing but negativity in his wake, but after a long drought he returns with a new visual for his latest single titled, “Reasons”.

The rapper lays down a smooth set of verses, tagged along with a catchy hard hitting hook, and matched with an infectious melodic beat. To produce a certified banger! Known for his witty wordplay and dominant punchlines, he does not fail to deliver on this track. Shining a spotlight on his unhinged world, Reasons is a vessel of enlightenment to listeners experiencing envy and treachery. MikeRich yearns to stay on his own path and avoid anyone who wants to bring him down. MikeRich is prevailing, and has likeness of artist such as Youngboy Never Broke Again, YFN Lucci, & Yung Bleu. Expect to hear more from MikeRich as he breaks into the music industry.

Born in Louisville, KY in 1998 AGB MikeRich established a rich passion for music at an early age. Growing up, a young Johnson drew inspiration from the buzzing southern sound which captivated the 90s and early 2000s. In high school he spent most of his teen years playing football and running track which lead to a scholarship offer to Western Kentucky University. After his short stint of collegiate athletics he returned back to Louisville. Reuniting with childhood friend and fellow artist YNL Capone who encouraged him to start rapping and recording. As an independent artist, he continues to grow and show strides towards greatness.

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