Blahza – We Just Want The Bag @Blahzaehf


This is the official music video for Blahza’s song, “We Just Want the Bag” . It was produced by King Kon & features EHF rapper, Tony the Great. This is an anthem to the rappers who think outside the box, and still have the hustle it takes to get to the top. We didn’t this track to sound like anyone else, we just wanted to make a great song. This song has lyrics that pay homage to the ones who work very closely to Blahza and an overall message that reminds listeners to keep the dream alive- whether or not you fit the typical mold. Jake Hayutin behind the camera & editing brought the whole vision together.

Born Nicholas Ma at Valley Presbyterian Hospital, CA in 1993; Blahza grew up and was influenced by his mom, godmother, & Baby sitters musical choices. He had briefly taken piano lessons when he was a kid. But it wasn’t until he got into high school when his ambitions to make it in the game emerged. His early work was Self produced in-house using popular instrumental tracks stripped from YouTube. His newer projects have been recorded at a production studio he & some friends built. Nowadays you can find Blahza floating around the LA area & beyond, hopping on stage to perform or in the studio with some of the best artists in the game.

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